The Walking Dead: Season 5 Episode 10 – TV Review

(Written for Filmoria)

After a somewhat uneventful return to the series after the mid-season break last week (even if it did hit us with another shocking kill-off!), we’ve all been anticipating answers as to where the rest of the season is going to go.

‘Them’ is another slow-burner with little happening, but it does end on a bit of a high, suggesting that thing are about to pick up again and that another big story is about to kick off. Instead of relying on action and gore, this episode is a little theoretical, as the group question who they’ve become.

There’s not too much gore in this episode, but there is some disgusting meal choices. I think I would have rather joined the cannibals then eat what they were cooking.

What there is a lot of is a series of images of the group together, which makes for a nice change. But from the looks on their faces, they’re not a happy bunch. It’s certainly a hard time for everybody involved, from losing loved ones to a complete lack of food and water, and they’re all starting to show a bit of attitude, pushing walkers off a bridge without the slightest hint of emotion. You’d have thought that a bit of mass killing would have helped the group to let off some steam, but they’re all moodier than ever now. Something good has to happen to pick up their spirits soon, right?

I’m starting to miss the little highs, but the break-downs are quite emotional to watch and it’s good to feel invested in a different way. These first couple of episodes may have made for a slow start, but at the same time it’s letting us get to know these characters individually again as we see their struggles during a bit of down time.

However, the series needs to pick up. This is the first time I’ve started to feel a little disappointed with its progression, but I’m confident it’s not going to last. A peak at a new character gives some hope, at least.

Let’s just hope that the next dwelling that the group come across has a razor inside so that Rick can shave of that straggly grey beard. I know he’s homeless, but come on…

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