Actor Ranked: Cate Blanchett

Cate Blanchett has played everybody from the Queen of England to the legendary Bob Dylan, and is an actress known for both her beauty and class, no matter what the role.

Released in cinemas today, Carol is set in New York City in 1952, and sees Blanchett lead alongside Rooney Mara in a romantic drama directed by Todd Haynes and based on the novel, The Price of Salt, by Patricia Highsmith.

To celebrate the film’s release, here are my top five Cate Blanchett performances.

5. The Life Aquatic (2004)

This was the first Wes Anderson film that I ever watched, and straight away I was drawn in by the quirky charm of his story-telling and the quality of the cinematography. Blanchett fit right into this film, with Anderson always showcasing the best actors around in his star-studded cast lists.

4. The Talented Mr. Ripley (1999)

Blanchett’s name might not be the first name that comes to mind when you think of this film – not with the brilliant Matt Damon, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Jude Law leading this complex psychological drama so well – but this is a fantastic performance from Blanchett that is too often forgotten about.

3. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (2008)

This was a film that many of us were ‘curious’ about at the time of its release, and it’s still a film that many people can’t come to terms with even now. Whilst it may all be about the character of Brad Pitt being born as an old man and growing up into a baby, what I remember most about this film is how beautiful and elegant Blanchett looked throughout. It certainly has an intriguing and unique storyline, loosely based on the F. Scott Fitzgerald’s short story of the same name, and it may not be up to director David Fincher’s other efforts, but Pitt and Blanchett are both excellent, and the story is incredibly compelling by the end.

2. Elizabeth (1998)

This is a role that Blanchett fit extremely well, and her transformation was incredibly well done. It’s hard not to picture her as the exquisitely dressed Queen when you mention her name, and she really couldn’t have been played by anyone else with as much dedication and strength of character.

1. Blue Jasmine (2013)

Now, Blue Jasmine isn’t one of my favourite Woody Allen films, but it is a fantastic character study and Blanchett is absolutely phenomenal in the lead, putting so much emotion into the role to give the film a real personal quality.

More about Carol:

A young woman in her 20s, Therese Belivet is a clerk working in a Manhattan department store and dreaming of a more fulfilling life when she meets Carol, an alluring woman trapped in a loveless, convenient marriage. As an immediate connection sparks between them, the innocence of their first encounter dims and their connection deepens. While Carol breaks free from the confines of marriage, her husband threatens her competence as a mother when Carol’s involvement with Therese and close relationship with her best friend Abby comes to light. As Carol leaves the comfort of home to travel with Therese, an internal journey of self-discovery coincides with her new sense of space.


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Proofreader and film blogger living in Cornwall.

2 Responses

  1. Nice choices, (although I wasn’t keen on Benjamin Button, I think I would have included Notes On A Scandal or Charlotte Gray in its place) The Life Aquatic is an amazing film and I loved her in Blue Jasmine.
    I think she’s someone that a lot of people forget about when talking about actors with great versatility, a proper old-style Movie Star.


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