Weekly Sky Cinema Premieres (13th – 19th August)

Since I don’t get to the cinema to see new releases that often anymore, this is my new weekly feature reviewing the latest releases on Sky Cinema Premiere (and in turn, Now TV). I will write a short review and rating for each of the films that I have watched and then give you the details for the ones that I didn’t get a chance to see.

This week’s feature sees the release of Trafficked, Canaries, The Resistance, Kill Order, Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Goodbye Christopher Robin, and Patti Cake$.

13th August: Trafficked

Synopsis: Three women, A young Nigerian immigrant, an Indian wannabe student and an American teenager, find themselves falling into the hands of sex traffickers and in a Texas brothel run by the ruthlessly efficient Simon. Inspired by real characters, the girls must attempt a daring escape to reclaim their freedom.

Director: Will Wallace

Cast: Kelly Washington, Jessica Obilum, Alpa Banker, and Ashley Judd

14th August: Canaries

Synopsis: Frustrated DJ Steve Dennis returns from London to the Welsh valleys to hold a big New Years Eve party. He’s hoping to impress the locals enough to win finance for a nightclub chain. However, only a few party animals turn up, including Steve’s conquest Agnes, gay couple Tommy and Ryan, and London friends Nav and Sunita. Unfortunately, they’re joined by orange oilskin-clad zombies, making it a night to remember.

Director: Peter Stray

Cast: Craig Russell, Hannah Daniel, Marc Rhys, Aled Pugh, Richard Mylan, Sheena Bhattessa, and Rob Karma Robinson

15th August: The Resistance (also known as The Invisibles)

Synopsis: Four Berlin Jews provocatively evade capture by hiding in plain sight from the Nazis after the capital is declared “free of Jews.” They survive the Third Reich in the middle of Berlin by living so recklessly that they become “invisible.”

Director: Claus RΓ€fle

Cast: Max Mauff, Alice Dwyer, Ruby O Fee, Aaron Altaras, Victoria Schulz, and Florian Lukas

16th August: Kill Order

Synopsis: Moody teenager David Lee hides a troubled past: he was part of a shadowy experiment to create super-powered assassins. When a special forces team attempts to kidnap him from his classroom and take him back, he easily fights them off using supernatural martial arts abilities and goes on the run.

Director: James Mark

Cast: Chris Mark, Daniel Park, Denis Akiyama, Melee Hutton, Jessica Clement, and Jason Gosbee

17th August: Star Wars – The Last Jedi

Synopsis: Episode VIII of the Star Wars saga sees the First Order hunting the Resistance into extinction, as Rey seeks out Luke Skywalker to bring him into the fight. Elsewhere, ex-stormtrooper Finn and gung-ho pilot Poe embark on impossible missions to buy time for the Resistance’s dwindling fleet, while First Order enforcer Kylo Ren battles with his Dark Side.

Director: Rian Johnson

Cast: Mark Hamill, Daisy Ridley, John Boyega, Carrie Fisher, Adam Driver, Oscar Isaac, Benicio Del Toro, and Domnhall Gleeson

Review: Two years since the brilliant return to the franchise and after two whole years of fan theories to two of the biggest questions left from Episode 7, we are finally given the answers with this latest instalment in the Star Wars saga. And maybe that’s why I was left somewhat disappointed by this film, because the answers to both of those questions are kind of a kick in the teeth.

Rian Johnson is an excellent director but I just wasn’t excited by this instalment as I was with Episode 7. I have a lot of love for the cast and there some stand out moments, but it just didn’t do it for me.

You can read my full review here.

18th August: Goodbye Christopher Robin

Synopsis: Based on true events, aspiring writer A.A. Milne finds inspiration in his young son, Christopher Robin, which leads him to write a series of Pooh books that bring comfort to millions during the latter years of the First World War. However, when A.A.’s books prove hugely successful, Christopher Robin has to deal with the sudden fame.

Director: Simon Curtis

Cast: Domhnall Gleeson, Margot Robbie, and Kelly Macdonald

Review: I love a story about telling stories, and that’s exactly what this is. Winnie The Pooh means so much to many of us, and I am currently introducing the films to my 18-month-old boy who is loving them, so they certainly mean a lot to me. This film may put somewhat of a dampener on all of that, but it was still incredibly interesting to see this behind the scenes story of the life of A.A. Milne and the inspiration to his stories, his son.

Domhnall Gleeson is one of my current favourite actors and he gives an amazing performance alongside Margot Robbie. It’s all about Will Tilston, though, although Alex Lawther also gives a great performance as an older Christopher Robin and he’s definitely one to keep an eye on at the minute. The story is heartwarming but also heartbreaking in its own ways. There are many lovely moments, and the film itself looks beautiful.

19th August: Patti Cake$

Synopsis: A New Jersey barmaid with a killa rhyme for every occasion, desperate to escape her humdrum home life with her alcoholic mum and wheelchair-bound nan, hooks up with her best friend and a taciturn beatsmith to form a band that will blow the world away. Well, that’s the idea.

Director: Geremy Jasper

Cast: Danielle Macdonald, Bridget Everett, Siddharth Dhananjay, and Mamoudou Athie

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