3 Top Tips For New University Students

(Competition for Currys PC World, which I won.) The end of summer means that it’s time for a new batch of freshers to begin their time at university. Whilst the first few weeks are about getting to know your new friends, your new home, and attending every event that Freshers week throws at you, here’s […]

Comment: Apparently it Does Matter if You’re Black or White

(Edited version of my competition entry. Click image to view layout on ISSUU.) Racism is something we’re all aware; we hear about it constantly in society, in football and in our everyday lives, but what about in film? It’s likely that you would have heard stories about directors, writers and producers typecasting characters and it’s […]

General Manager Leaves The Poly

Two-year serving General Manager Ciaran Clarke has left his position at Falmouth’s arts and science venue, The Poly. Ciaran withdrew from The Royal Cornwall Polytechnic Society at the beginning of March due to a change in personal circumstances, but also from a desire to get back into making and creating theatre again. “It’s a place […]

Luis Prieto Talks Remaking Nicolas Winding Refn’s ‘Pusher’

(Published in Fan The Fire. Click image to view layout on ISSUU) Set to have its world premiere at this year’s Edinburgh Film Festival, Charlie Derry interviews Luis Prieto, director of the upcoming crime thriller, Pusher, about remaking a Nicolas Winding Refn cult classic, as well as working with British actor Richard Coyle and world-class […]

Interview: CEO Gregory Galant Discusses The Shorty Awards

(Click image to view layout on ISSUU.) With this year’s ceremony coming to an end, Charlie Derry talks to Gregory Galant, the co-creator of The Shorty Awards, about how getting recognised for using social media can advance your career, and why it is important to keep your social media profiles up to date in today’s […]

Do International Film Festivals Need More Recognition?

(Published on HeyUGuys. Click Image to view layout on ISSUU) You may have heard of prestigious film festivals such as Cannes and BFI London. But with the launch of Sundance London next year, Charlie Derry investigates into whether lesser known festivals are in need of more recognition, and how organisers plan to deal with this […]

Global Film Project Calls For Contributions

(Written for The National Student. Click image to view layout on ISSUU) Ever wanted to be a part of an international film? Well The Upload Project are giving you the opportunity to do just that, with the chance to contribute a short video of yourself to their global filmmaking project. Based in Bristol, The Upload […]

Why Do You Think There Are So Many Film Festivals? – Interview With Bruno Chatelin, Managing Editor of Film Festivals.com

(Published on FilmFestivals.com and Bruno’s blog ) For a university project, I wrote an international feature asking Do International Film Festivals Need More Recognition?. Unfortunately I contacted Bruno Chatelin, Managing Editor of filmfestivals.com, too late for me to include his response in my feature before its deadline. Still, Bruno was kind enough to answer my […]

How has Stranger Collective adapted to survive as a small, independent business as the role of Journalism itself is changing?

(Published on Liquid News Room) For my BA(Hons) Journalism course at University College Falmouth, I am undergoing a three-week work placement at Stranger Collective, a creative service and copywriting agency based in Penryn, Cornwall. Starting out as a bimonthly lifestyle publication titled ‘Stranger’ that launched in September 2004, the magazine offered a flavour of life […]

Falmouth’s Royal Street…Gathering

April 29th, 2011 will be a date well remembered around the whole world. Prince William and Kate Middleton’s royal wedding. A joyous occasion for all, hosting a number of marvellous street parties all over the UK to bring neighbourhoods together in celebration. But for the small town of Falmouth, Cornwall, the day saw a handful […]

Oh I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside

It’s not often that you get to study in a beautiful seaside town such as Falmouth, so for the students of University College Falmouth and Falmouth Marine School, what are the privileges of living and studying by the coast? And how do you make the most of Falmouth’s culture and history whilst doing so?

Profile On DJ Kimi

If you’ve been out on a night in Falmouth town recently, this is a face you might have seen in the crowd. Usually distinguished by a pair of headphones on his head and his focus on the deck, Charlie Derry interviews the well recognised name for some of the most popular events in Falmouth. But […]

New Student Property Management

(Written for the Falmouth Navigator). A new website launched this week, specialising in quality student accommodation in Falmouth and its surrounding areas. For students who are still house hunting this term, Diggs Cornwall are a group of student accommodation providers and dedicated property managers set up to help students find accommodation.

Case Study Proposal

For the third term of my BA(Hons) Journalism course at University College Falmouth, I will be undergoing a work placement at Stranger Collective, a creative service and copywriting agency based in Penryn. Stranger Collective started out as a bimonthly youth, lifestyle publication titled ‘Stranger’ which launched in September 2004. The magazine offered a flavour of […]

Is The Party Over For Skins?

(Written for the Falmouth Navigator). The acclaimed UK teen-drama ‘Skins’ returned with a new series last week whilst the US remake began in America. America responded by criticising the program in every way, yet the UK freely accept its portrayal of teenage life. So what has provoked this intense response from America and why is […]

Student Conned By Confident Trickster

(Written for Falmouth Navigator.) A local student was conned of £350 last week when a “confident trickster” offered him a drug deal before disappearing with his money. The victim, who wishes to remain unnamed, had befriending the con-artist over a few days. He planned to meet the dealer on Monday January 10th to make the […]

Let The Hunt Begin

(Published on Falmouth Navigator and in my student newspaper Flex, on Page 9) As the new year commences, it’s time for students to start looking for accommodation away from the halls that have been central to uni life for the past months. Charlie Derry discusses the highs and lows of living off campus and the […]