My Portfolio

Part of the purpose of this blog is to act as a portfolio of my work. This section is to showcase the work that I have had published and publications that I have been a part of, work I did as a university student, articles that I have written during work experiences, and my efforts since as a journalism graduate.

Proofreading Work:

An archive of the websites and publications that I have proofread.

Published Work:

To ensure that I write on a regular basis and to improve my CV, I have contributed my work to a number of websites and publications, which includes a hand full of exclusive interviews.


I have worked on a handful of printed publications, including a university-funded arts journal, Dais, which I helped to create, write for, and edit in my first year of university, and In Retrospect, a monthly online film publication that I created to display my film reviews visually.

University Work:

I attended University College Falmouth from 2009-2012 and received a First Class degree in BA(Hons) Journalism. You can read all about my time as a student by clicking the link below, or you can view a collection of my work written during my course.

Work Experiences:

As a journalism graduate, I have participated in a number of work experiences in an attempt to enhance my writing skills and to gain first-hand knowledge of an industry that I hope to one day be working in.

Freelance Work:

Through this blog, I have also been asked to write a number of freelance articles including album and film reviews, and copy for promotional purposes, which includes a hand full of exclusive interviews and hostingĀ competitions.


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