I attended University College Falmouth from 2009-2012 and received a First Class degree in BA(Hons) Journalism as well as a certificate for 50 words per minute in Teeline Shorthand.

During my degree, I studied a variety of writing styles and editing techniques including news writing, feature writing, reviewing, sub-editing, critical analysis, content analysis, reflective writing, and much more.

Here’s a brief description of what sub-topics we studied on this course and the opportunities I took advantage of during my time there.

Multimedia News

During this topic we experimented with a variety of medias, ultimately creating our websites using WordPress, editing them using HTML and CSS, and taking and editing our photos using Adobe Photoshop.

News & Magazine Production

Here we learnt how to use Adobe InDesign, putting our articles onto page layouts and making our own magazine in a small team. You can view my magazine, Rinsed, here.

Media Law & Ethics

On this part of the course we were taught about media laws and the ethical dilemmas that journalists are often faced with, for which I wrote an essay discussing ‘The Ethical Implications For Journalists Raised In Trying To Balance Article 8 and Article 10 of The 1998 Human Rights Act’, and another questioning ‘In what ways is the practise of journalism influenced and affected by objectivity?’.

Audience Research

Here we had to set up our own audience research study, for which I posed the question, ‘Are The Characters of “Skins” Realistic And Do They Influence Teenagers’ Lives?’

International Journalism

For this I researched and analysed the reporting of the Amanda Knox case, undertaking a content analysis report on ‘The Reporting Of Amanda Knox in the Case of Meredith Kercher’s Murder’, looking at the media’s shift in spotlight from Meredith on to her suspected killer.


For this part of the course we were taught how to use DSLR cameras, how to edit our photos on Adobe Photoshop, and how to place them onto InDesign layouts.


Here we looked at how the publishing industry works, how it was changing with the likes of ebooks, and we also proposed and pitched our own publishing idea.

Case Study

Whilst on work experience at Stranger Collective, I wrote a case study questioning ‘How has Stranger Collective adapted to survive as a small, independent business as the role of Journalism itself is changing?’.


Our final assessment was to write a dissertation, for which I received a First, titled ‘2011 and The Collapse of Media Ethics: Public Shaming and The Boundaries of Disclosure’, questioning where do the boundaries of disclosure lie? And what morals and ethics does public shaming face the media with?

Other Experiences

In my first year of university, I helped to create, write for and edit a university-funded arts journal called Dais, which I produced with a small group of students after winning a competition.

I also wrote on a regular basis for UCF’s student newspaper, Flex, and UCF’s online film magazine, Rushes.


You can also view all of the articles that I wrote during my time at university on my blog:


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