Proofreading Portfolio

Much of the work that I proofread cannot be showcased online – including essays, theses and dissertations, CVs and cover letters – but below is a list of the projects that I have worked on or clients that I have worked with which you can view online.


I currently provide my freelance proofreading services to HRVitals, a premium and modern employment support company who work with small businesses to provide flexible HR services. I proofreading documents including employment contracts, terms, agreements, health and safety documents, application forms, and company leaflets.

You can read more about my work with HRVitals by clicking the link below:

Little Light Studios:

I collaborated with the Austrian book publisher, Little Light Studios, for two years, editing children’s stories for their mobile app, Bedtime Stories. Little Light Studio is a publisher who deeply cares about captivating stories as well as the benefits that it can have. Their app was built to teach parents to tell better stories and to help them engage with their family more through storytelling.

You can read more about the stories that I edited by clicking the link below:

Martin White

Martin White is a film reviewer and avid cinema-goer who has recently taken the leap into becoming a fiction writer after attending a creative writing workshop during the summer of 2018. I have worked with Martin on a few of his stories, proofreading them to ensure that they are ready for publishing but also providing feedback to make them suitable for his audience.


In my first year of university, I helped to create, write for and edit Dais, a university-funded arts journal that I produced with a small group of students from University College Falmouth. We formed the publication after winning a competition following a master-class.

You can read more about my role in creating this magazine by clicking the link below:


I edited Noy’s personal website as my first ever proofreading job after qualifying. I proofread his website and blog, ensuring that there were no errors on any of his pages and that all links and contact pages worked correctly.


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