I currently provide my proofreading services to HRVitals, a premium and modern employment support company who work with small businesses to provide flexible HR services.

HRVitals provide services including telephone and email support, legal support, and coaching, whilst I work with them to proofread documents for their clients. These documents include employment contracts, terms and agreements, health and safety documents, application forms, and company leaflets.

Why do businesses need a proofreader?

Businesses write thousands of words a day, whether they are in short emails, social media updates, letters, or they’re putting together a brochure or leaflet to hand out to their employees and customers. But it’s so easy to make mistakes when writing, and they’re not always easy to spot, either.

To make things more difficult, most built-in spellcheckers won’t pick up on things like the use of a wrong word or punctuation, an error in page numbering, or inconsistent formatting. It can also take a few readthroughs of a document to pick them all out, and that’s not something you always have time to do.

This is where a proofreader comes in. HRVitals provide this proofreading service to look at documents with a fresh pair of eyes, to remove those common basic errors involving grammar, punctuation and spelling, but also to consider the voice and tone of the copy, to improve its flow and readability, and to ensure that the format and writing style is consistent throughout.

HRVitals always strive to provide the best service, and they believe that proofreading is an extra step that business owners sometimes forget to consider. With the amount of written content that they provide to their employees and potential customers, HRVitals feel that it is important to make sure that everything they send out is of first-class quality.

A proofreader not only saves businesses time, but they also guarantee the best impression from those they are working with.

If you are a business looking for proofreading services or any kind of HR support, you can get in contact with HRVitals here.


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