Little Light Studios

I collaborated with the Austrian publishers, Little Light Studios, for two years, editing children’s stories for their mobile app, Bedtime Stories.

These are the stories that I proofread and edited for them:

Billy Growing Up

Positive values are the basis upon which Billy and his friends learn to become responsible adults. The Billy series supports parents to deal with the challenging issues children face. Through storytelling, these issues are set in a meaningful context, allowing children to see things from different perspectives.

Read more about Billy here.

Carter and the Cedar Forest Critters

Carter and The Cedar Forest Critters is a story about observing the world around you, to take the time to slow down and notice the little things. Summer in Cedar Forest brings adventure for Carter. A magical walking stick gives him the ability to talk to the animals. He uses his knowledge of nature to lend a helping hand, to solve a few problems and make new friends.

Read more about Carter here.

Kris Snowman

Kris Snowman is a famous rock’n’roll singer from the South Pole, who travels all over the world playing his music. Accompanied by his personal assistant, Elka, Kris is living the dream of a Rockstar. Kris thinks he is too cool and refuses to listen to anyone’s advice – can Kris learn to be a better snowman, or will he remain cold and uncaring?

Read more about Kris Snowman here.

The Moonlight Farmers

Can you imagine what it would feel like if the sun made you sick and you couldn’t go out to play? This is why Edna and Jim have to work on their farm at night when the moon shines in the sky. Everything changes when new neighbours move in. Their children can’t go out in the sun, either. Together, they let their nights become their days.

Read more about The Moonlight Farmers here.

Rowena The Witch Doctor

Rowena’s the clumsiest graduate of witch school but she wants to find a way to wow the world with her magic. Her new village has other plans, however. Will Rowena’s magical mistakes mess everything up, or is she just what the doctor ordered?

Read more about Rowena here.

The Holiday Girls

Chrissy Miss and her three best friends – Holly Ween, Valley Valentine and Chloe Verr – discover the power of friendship through everyday adventures. They may not start out fun, but they always lead to a reason to celebrate. Join in their seasonal adventures to see what they get up to.

Read more about The Holiday Girls here.

Tate’s Time Traveling Top

Everyday life is hard for Tate, especially making friends. He likes to play with spinning tops all the time, which is uncommon for a third grader. A new classmate of his, Logan, can tell that Tate is different, that there’s something very special about him. Together, they discover the unimaginable: Tate’s top can transport them to different dimensions, where they meet unexpected friends and experience fun adventures together.

Read more about Tate’s Time Traveling Top here.


When Maddi heads into the Forbidden Forest in search of her very first troll, she learns that some trolls are kind, some trolls are wise, some trolls have a sweet tooth, and little girls are as sweet as can be. Sometimes there are just no words to describe the size of these trolls; they are truly Humonstromous!

Read more about Humonstromous here.

Kid Joey: Fairytale Detective

Joey moves to a new school, which he quickly realises is full of fairy tale characters. Curiously, they don’t know they are fairy tale characters! His love of books and quick-thinking abilities help him prevent mishaps and misfortunes, with many funny situations in between. Although it takes ongoing convincing, Joey is able to rescue his new fairy tale friends from their storybook fates, in unexpected (and often laugh-out-loud) ways.

Read more about Kid Joey here.

Brenda and her Big Dog Duke

When Brenda’s family moves to a lonely farmhouse, Brenda longs for a dog. But when her little puppy, Duke, grows into a big, uncontrollable dog, Brenda has some tough decisions to make. Will she follow her heart?

Read more about Brenda and her Big Dog Duke here.

That Pesky Pixie

Deep in the heart of Sorrel Wood hides a school for faerie folk. The fearsome Miss Nightshade is the best teacher around, but has she met her match with the pesky pixie antics of Violet Puddledust?

Read more about That Pesky Pixie here.

Bushveld Trio’s Wild Adventures

Come with Shaka, Zolo, and Lwazi into the African Bush. They are known as The Bushveld Trio and are best friends. Every day is an adventure as they help their friends and try to stay out of trouble.

Read more about The Bushveld Trio here.

Samba & the Missing Letters

Samba and Zohra take off around the world to help lonely children. During their many journeys, Samba finds new friends and realizes that his dyslexia isn’t going to stop him from becoming whoever he wants to be.

Read more about Samba here.

Astrid and the Mine Ship

Astrid moves to Kiruna, in northernmost Sweden, and discovers that the town escapes to the east since the mine ship approaches. Astrid struggles to fit in, but she makes friends with a grey-tobbler girl called Fedora, and crazy adventures are about to begin.

Read more about Astrid here.


Puzzle has never felt at home in Havenly. One day, she is flown over the Baltic Sea on a magic broom and lands on a lonely island called Blue Hill. There, she meets a group of magicians and makes a new best friend.

Read more about Puzzle here.

Thomas and the New World

That summer, Thomas’s family move from a big, busy city to a quiet, tiny village. He soon discovers things which make him feel scared, uneasy, uncomfortable, and even confused. He forges a friendship with his neighbour, Theo, and learns to adapt to his new world.

Read more about Thomas here.

Terry the Trouble Bunny

Terry is a lovely and endearing six-year-old rabbit. Like most bunnies her age, she has a great imagination. This leads her to dream up all sorts of adventures but will it help her to get out of the big, unintended problems that seem to follow her around?

Read more about Terry here.

Bouncy Bo

Bo is fascinated by the circus performers who come to her town and is inspired to become a gymnast. Her mother takes her to a gymnastics class. There, she faces many problems, from difficult friendships to her own personal struggles. Can she overcome them and gain some confidence?

Read more about Bo here.

The Mystery on Utopus

Welcome to Utopus and The Intergalactic School for promising students, where Odd, the orphan human, meets Leimei, a mysterious new student. Just when Odd experiences friendship for the first time, a series of strange events propels them into a great space adventure.

Read more about Odd and Leimei here.

The Magic Cookie Jar

When little Timmy goes to Grandma Carmela’s house, he discovers a yellow cookie jar that takes him to the magic land of sweets. There, everything is made out of the sweetest candies. The houses, the clouds, the river – everything – is sweet. Timmy also makes some new friends, Muffy and Chippy, who help him to explore the unusual candy world.

Read more about Muffy and Chippy here.


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