Film Review: The Lego Movie

Written and directed by Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, The Lego Movie focuses on an ordinary Lego minifigure (voiced by Chris Pratt) who finds himself helping a resistance stop a tyrannical businessman (Will Ferrell) from gluing everything in the Lego world into his vision of perfection.

Film Review: The Dark Knight Rises

(Published in Issue 12 of my publication In Retrospect) The final instalment to Christopher Nolan‘s Batman trilogy, The Dark Knight Rises picks up eight years after the attacks of The Joker and Two-Face from 2008’s The Dark Knight when a new terrorist leader, Bane (Tom Hardy), overwhelms Gotham’s finest, including Commissioner Gordon (Gary Oldman) and […]

Film Review: Wrath Of The Titans

(Published on Lost In The Multiplex and in Issue 8 of my publication In Retrospect) Directed by Jonathan Liebesman, Wrath of the Titans follows the demigod son of Zeus, Perseus (Sam Worthington), who must help the Gods restore order and supremacy as, weakened by humanity’s lack of devotion, they struggle to keep control of the […]

New High-Res Images for ‘Wrath Of The Titans’

(Written for HeyUGuys) Warner Bros. Pictures has released some brand new high-resolution stills from the Clash Of The Titans sequel, Wrath of the Titans, featuring Sam Worthington as Perseus, Danny Huston as Poseidon, Liam Neeson as Zeus, Rosamund Pike Queen Andromeda, and one of the monstrous titans.

New Russian Poster for ‘Wrath Of The Titans’

(Written for Lost In The Multiplex) There have already been quite a few posters released for the Clash Of The Titans upcoming sequel Wrath Of The Titans over the past few months, but alas, here is another. This new international poster may not look very different from the many others we have seen, aside from […]

Feel The Wrath Of The New Posters of The Titans

(Written for HeyUGuys) With the release of the first trailer and poster for the Clash of the Titans sequel, Wrath of The Titans, a few weeks ago, a set of new posters have been recently put online, showing more of the incredible looking Titans themselves.

Feel The Wrath…Of The New Titans Trailer & Posters

(Written for Lost In The Multiplex) The first trailer for Clash of the Titans sequel, Wrath of the Titans, has been released online by iTunes Trailers this week. Directed by Jonathan Liebesman, The Wrath of the Titans follows Perseus (Sam Worthington), the demigod son of Zeus, who, a decade after his historic defeat of the […]

Christian Bale talks ‘The Dark Knight Rises’

(Written for Lost In The Multiplex) Christian Bale has been talking about where the final chapter of Chris Nolan’s Batman trilogy will take his character of Bruce Wayne this week, as confirmation is given that the sequel will take place eight years after the events depicted in The Dark Knight. From the sounds of it, […]

Liam Neeson Finds a New Meaning to Frost Bite

(Written for Lost In The Multiplex) The first trailer for Joe Carnahan’s thriller, The Grey hit the internet last week. The film stars Liam Neeson alongside a group of oil-rig roughnecks whose plane crashes in the snowy Alaskan wilderness. With only a few days to escape their freezing surroundings, a pack of grizzly wolves make […]

Film Review: Batman Begins

Directed by Christopher Nolan and the first instalment in his The Dark Knight Trilogy, Batman Begins follows a young Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) who travels to the Far East to be trained in the martial arts by Henri Ducard (Liam Neeson), a member of the mysterious League of Shadows. When Ducard reveals the League’s true […]